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Road King Special


If you see a dark flash to your left the next time you’re driving down the highway, there’s a decent chance that it was someone on a Harley-Davidson® brand new bike, the Road King Special. This bike was redesigned to chew up pavement like a savage two-wheeled monster. And with its blacked out accessories and gut-punching Milwaukee-Eight® engine (Harley-Davidson’s all-new, redesigned V-Twin engine) everything about this bike fits the bill. Motorcycle enthusiasts in Northeastern Texas won’t find better service than they will at Paris Harley-Davidson®. If you live in the areas of Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, or Texarkana, Texas, stop by our showroom and see this stunning new ride for yourself.

Performance and Power

The Road King Special delivers the power that you need to rule the road. This motorcycle is equipped with the revolutionary power of the Milwaukee-Eight engine, which delivers a major improvement in power and performance compared to previous Harley-Davidson touring engines. The Milwaukee-Eight is capable of producing 111 ft-lbs. of torque, a full 10% increase over its predecessors. Not only does the Milwaukee-Eight serve up tons of power, but it delivers the most efficient performance of any comparable engine, helping you get the most out of every last drop of fuel in the tank. To balance out the power of the Milwaukee-Eight, the Road King Special is also outfitted with Reflex™ Linked Brembo® brakes, which provide the confident stopping power you need in a pinch.

All New Style

The Road King Special isn’t a bike that rests on the shoulders of others. While the Harley-Davidson Road King is built with a beautiful nostalgic aesthetic, the Road King Special trades the shining chrome and smooth lines for a muscled up, blacked out style that’s sure to spin some heads! First, Harley-Davidson pulled the windshield and added on a set of mini-ape hanger handlebars to give the front end a bold new look. Then they blacked out the components from the headlight nacelle to the turbine wheels, giving this bike a dark new style. Finally subtle touches like the stretched saddlebags, tank mounted gauges, and 2-1-2 dual exhaust give this bike a tough, no nonsense look that you’re going to love.

Serious Comfort

From the upright riding position of the handlebars, to the two up seat with contoured bucket for more comfortable riding, the Road King Special makes life more comfortable. The seat gives you the long distance support you need to keep fatigue at bay, while the Road King Specials engine and suspension work to make sure you have a smooth, easy ride. The rubber mounted counterbalanced engine cuts vibration at idle, and at speed, giving you a fluid feel while you’re riding. The tool free adjustable preload on the rear emulsion shock pairs perfectly with the Showa® Dual Bending Valve™ front fork to soak up the bumps of the road and provide outstanding control.

You’ll never have to tell anyone you own a Harley because they’ll hear it coming a mile away. That’s what makes Harley-Davidson so legendary. Everything from the looks, to the power, to that low exhaust growl lets everyone know you mean business. The Road King Special is perfect for long trips where comfort, fuel efficiency, and power are most important. But no matter what your favorite form of riding is, or how much experience you have on two wheels, the Road King Special will feel like exciting and fresh. Stop by Paris Harley-Davidson if you live in the areas of Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, or Texarkana, Texas and take one for a ride. You won’t forget the experience or the bike.