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Types of Motorcycle Helmets

23acdea2f6f1c3796b8da1487b9a9a6e_334b123a2b033342.jpgIt doesn’t matter if you are riding around town or hitting the open road hard and long, you always want to make sure that you are wearing the correct motorcycle helmet to fit the ride. Not sure what to get? No problem. We have provide a short list of the different types of motorcycle helmets that you can choose from. At Paris Harley-Davidson, we carry a variety of motorcycle helmets to keep you safe and comfortable on the road. Located in Paris serving the areas of Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Half Helmets

Half Helmets are the most basic form of protection on the road. These helmets cover and protect your cranium, but that’s about it. Half helmets lack the eye and face protection found in other types of helmets, but they have one major advantage: weight. With the reduced weight of a half helmet (especially thanks to some of Harley-Davidsons’ composite designs) it’s much easier to turn your head, and your neck will suffer less fatigue over the course of a long ride. Because they lack face protection, it’s a good idea for long distance riders to augment their half helmet with a set of goggles and possibly a facemask to keep the bugs out of your teeth.

Full Helmets

A Full helmet is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the minimalist half helmets. This headgear wraps around your entire head, including a chin bar in front of your face. The major advantage of this full coverage design is increased protection in the case of an accident. The biggest downside to a full helmet is that on a long ride, you’ll be forced to remove your helmet every time you want to take a sip of water or make a phone call (unless you pick up one of our bluetooth headsets!). Still, the protection on the road, and the full face screen to protect from wind and bugs is enough incentive that many riders prefer this type of helmet.

¾ Helmets

A ¾ Helmet (or Open Face helmet) is a fair balance between the convenience of a half helmet, and the protection of a full face helmet. These helmets wrap down the sides of your face for increased protection, and often come with a face screen to protect against wind. They also feature the open chin design that allows you to drink, eat, and talk freely when you’re off the road. ¾ helmets are heavier than half helmets, but not quite as weighty as a full face set up, so they truly strike a balance between these styles in every element of their design.

Modular Helmets

Modular Helmets combine the convenience of an open face helmet with some of the protection of a full face helmet. When fully ‘deployed’ a modular helmet is virtually identical to a full face helmet, however using a swinging chin bar design, a rider can easily lift the lower face portion of the helmet for talking, drinking, or whatever else you have to do while you’re taking a second off the road. While the ‘deployed’ chin bar provides the same wind and debris protection as a full face helmet.

Your Helmet’s Most Important Feature

No matter which kind of helmet you choose, there is one feature you simply cannot ignore: the fit. A properly fitted helmet of any type will provide superior protection compared to an ill fitting helmet. When you’re shopping for your helmet, make sure you try them on! Move your head with the helmet on: Does it follow your movements precisely? Does it wobble on your head? Does it pinch when you tighten up the straps? Make sure that your helmet fits securely and comfortably, and it will be able to do it’s job in an accident and help to keep you safe.

Whether you’re looking for a full-face helmet for all the protection you can get or you’re interested in a finding the perfect fit for you in your next motorcycle helmet, Paris Harley-Davidson in Paris serving the areas of Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas has everything you could need from advice to the helmet. You want to make sure you got a good fit or the protection value of any helmet will drop. Still have questions, give us a call or stop our Harley-Davidson dealership.