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Harley-Davidson Reflective Riding Gear

11d8a88ad05a24fccd6d994bf144e37f_876b7bf3c6564f23.jpgIf it is night and you are looking to ride, it is important that you be seen on the road. Many accidents involving motorcycles occur because the other party couldn’t see them on the road. This is why it is important to be see when riding with little light available. Below are some helpful tips from Paris Harley-Davidson® about reflectivity and how it can save you from a dangerous event. Have more questions. Feel free to contact us in Paris serving the areas of Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas.

Harley-Davidson and 3M Reflectivity

Harley-Davidson is known for power and style, and that reputation doesn’t fall by the wayside when it comes to their selection of riding gear. To ensure that every rider on a Harley-Davidson bike can have a safe ride, Harley has partnered with 3M to create a lineup of the most visible motorclothes on the road. The secret is 3M Retro reflective technology, which redirects captured light back at the source instead of scattering the light like other reflective materials. This results in a huge increase in visibility on the road, producing over double the candlepower of other reflective gear, and allowing you to be spotted from ranges of up to 500 feet! When you’re wearing Harley-Davidson motorclothes with 3M reflective material, you give drivers more time to spot you and react on the road, increase everyone’s safety.

Full Body Visibility

Of course when you’re riding the most visible part of your body is your torso, which is why Harley-Davidson's lineup of reflective riding jackets runs the gamut to include something for every rider. Looking for an easy to see leather jacket? We’ve got that, trying to find a riding jacket with fierce Willie G. skull on the back? We’ve got that too! Ladies, are you trying to find something that will give you equal parts style and visibility when you ride? Come in and see what we’re offering, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your sensibilities Not only do we have your upper body covered, but Harley-Davidson offers

Water Proofing to Boot

Keeping yourself visible when it’s clear is important enough, but when its misty, rainy, or just plain foggy, it’s even more important that you stand out on the road. When things get wet on the road you can make sure you stay visible and dry with an awesome set of Harley-Davidson rain gear, which provides superior waterproofing and durability, as well as the outstanding reflectivity that you need when it’s especially important that other motorists see you. If you want to enhance your comfort and confidence while you ride, come in and check out our reflective rain gear here at Paris Harley-Davidson!

Whether you’re looking to increase your reflectivity to further boost your visibility, Paris Harley-Davidson will have what you need. Our professional and friendly staff are here to answer all your questions about reflective equipment and other visibility needs. We are located in Paris and only a short ride from Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas. Stop in today and let us help you become more safe on the streets especially in the rain, mist, or fog.