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Screamin' Eagle Upgrades


No matter what type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle you own, you want to be sure to check out the new Screamin’ Eagle Performance Upgrade Kits and Parts released in 2017. Regardless if you are looking at upgrading your shocks or you’re exhaust, Paris Harley-Davidson has you covered. We are only a short ride from Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas. Be sure to stop by and test drive a motorcycle loaded with the new Screamin’ Eagle Upgrades.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Fully Adjustable Piggyback Shock

Get your Sportster® dialed in just the way you want with the new Screamin’ Eagle fully adjustable Piggyback Shock! This awesome component allows you to get the handling that you want on your motorcycle with two levels of adjustment. First, get your pre-load set, and then use the piggyback canister to set your bike’s compression and rebound dampening so you get just the right feel. This component doesn’t just add to your bike’s performance, it looks good too! The bright highlight of the anodized pre-load adjuster draws your attention as your eyes sweep over the back end of a bike, and the piggyback canister gives everyone who looks the distinct impression that you’re not the kind of rider who messes around with anything less than the best, after all, you’re already riding a Harley-Davidson!

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Exhaust

If your Softail is due for an upgrade, we’ve got an awesome and affordable option for you right here with the Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Exhaust.This high flow exhaust upgrade will let your bike breath a little easier, while also adding an awesome opportunity to define your style. The Street Cannon exhaust is available in chrome, to match more traditional Softail bikes, and in jet black, to match the Dark Custom® style of the rest of the Softail family. Take your pick of the 3.25” end caps to give your blacked out bike a flashy highlight or allow your exhaust to subtly blend into the lines of your motorcycle. Drive home your style with an available muffler heat shield and get the fully customized look that runs along the length of your Softail.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Stage III Upgrade for the Milwaukee-Eight

There are few customization options that will increase the performance of your bike like a Harley-Davidson Stage upgrade kit for your bike, and the king of all of the Stage Upgrades, is the Stage III kit for the Milwaukee-Eight. What makes this kit so special? This Screamin’ Eagle Stage III upgrade is made to increase the performance of the Milwaukee-Eight, which is already one of the most powerful motorcycle engines on the road. The kit will boost a stock 107 cubic inch Milwaukee-EIght engine up to an eye popping 117 cubic inches, providing a power increase of 39%. When you put this stage upgrade on your touring motorcycle you can load down your saddlebags with lead, throw a passenger on the back, and fill up the tour-pak, and you’ll still get the same solo riding responsiveness.

Harley-Davidson never fails to deliver every year for amazing upgrades on all of their motorcycles. Whether you’re interested in a new fully adjustable piggyback shocks for a smoother ride, or you’re looking for a street cannon exhaust loaded with performance and roar to get you noticed, Paris Harley-Davidson has what you need for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Looking for a new Harley bike? Stop by Paris, Texas at our dealership and give one of our motorcycles a test ride today! We are only a short ride from Sulphur Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Como-Pickton, McKinney, and Texarkana, Texas.